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Seller FAQs

  • Call us on the Freephone Number or Click on the Contact Section, Fill in all the relevant details and we'll get back to you within 12 Hours.  We'll then come out and meet you at your home so you can show us all the great things about your property.  We'll sit down and as a team work out a plan of action after we demonstrate all the great things LocalEyes Property can do for you....Pretty Simple Really.

  • As a Property Marketing Company we do not charge a commission.  We charge a Marketing Fee.  To keep things simple, If you do not choose to take us up on any extra services you will pay $7,500.  This is made up of two payments, first payment of $4000 at point of signing up (This is Non-Refundable) and $3,500 on Completion of the Sale of your Property.  In the unlikely event that your Property fails to sell then you will not be charged the 2nd Installment by LocalEyes.  Your Listing will be live on until sold or unless you request us to remove your property.  We will keep your content fresh by changing descriptions and updating photos etc.  Any additonal services you may like will be invoiced at the same time as your first payment, these will need to be paid before additonal services are booked/started.

  • If there are changes that you want made to your listing just let us know.  You will be an instant message away from LocalEyes Property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please note that location dependant, if you require a return site visit there may be a small charge...but more often than not, any updates will be made completely free of charge.

  • At this stage, LocalEyes Property only operates in Hawke's Bay.  If you are from outside this area please contact us and we'll see if we can make an exception.

  • No we don't, we don't need to and we don't want them!!  All these impressive new buildings that have popped up in the last couple of years prove just how much money has been made by the big players selling your homes.  The property that YOU, the homeowner lovingly improved, maintained and cleaned over and over again bought these companies swish new corporate buildings to impress more homeowners into selling your properties with them.  LocalEyes are trying to change all of this.

  • Well....they weren't always.  With the big increases we've seen on the value of most houses in NZ, the amount of commission paid has also risen (The problem with precentage based commissions)... But has the amount of work being done to sell these houses increased?  We would say NO, if anything in the current market, less work is being done - FOR MORE MONEY.  With the NZ Real Estate landscape dominated by the big players, they are unlikely to drop their prices anytime soon.  Unless homeowners make a stand, LocalEyes want to see a fairer system and keep your money in your pockets. Power to the People!

  • No we don't.  The perception that the bigger the team the better the result is a myth.  The general rule is 80% of Sales are Delivered by 20% of the Sale Force (LocalEyes are the 20%), the rest are just to pad out the numbers...Agencies are in great position in that the risk is very low from their point of view.

  • Real Estate Funders

    YES WE CAN!  Working with our friends at Real Estate Funders you can get your Listing Started for as little as $395, plus no payments for 3 Months.  In this time your home should have sold and the balance can be paid at settlement....EASY!  What's more, they will even fund some Pre Sale Home Improvements so LocalEyes can truly Maximise YOUR Sale Price. Ask the LocalEyes team for more details.

  • No we don't, once you accept an offer on your home from a buyer, both parties hand things over to the men and women in suits.  Your Lawyer and the purchasers Lawyer will liase between themselves for a nice smooth handover.  If you don't have a Lawyer please scroll down and look in our "LocalEyes Recommend Section" for details on some great local businesses that will be more than happy to help you.

  • LocalEyes are NOT Real Estate Agents and therefore NOT Licenced Real Estate Agency REAA.  LocalEyes are a Property Marketing company that offer a service where Homeowners like yourselves can make use of the abundance of information available to them in the public domain to conduct a Professional and Honest Sale of their home to a new owner.  Times have changed, information that was protected by the Real Estate Agencies is now freely available to the masses through the likes of,, QV, Trademe etc etc.  Conducting your Sale through LocalEyes ensures that the communication between parties is made in writing to protect both sides and ensuring honesty throughout the process.  

  • LocalEyes 100% recommends that both parties do all their checks. Speak to your lawyers, request a Builders Inspection of the Property you are interested in.  Whilst Conditions of Sale do definitely have an effect on whether your offer is accepted over others, when purchasing a property you need to feel comfortable with what you are doing.  If you don't know something...ASK, if you don't like something....SAY.  When Selling or Purchasing through LocalEyes your "Journey" will be recorded in writing, LocalEyes Recommend you keep this.

  • LocalEyes can add text authentication to your "extra content" meaning that if someone wants to have a virutal tour around your house or have a look at its layout using the interative floor plan that they will need to supply their mobile number and confirm an automated text message.  There is no cost for the potential buyer (We don't want to put real potential buyers off looking) but to activate the privacy system will cost $39.99.

LocalEyes Business Directory

We are currently busy adding great local businesses to our directory, LocalEyes are all about Local, by providing this list of businesses we hope that we have saved you time and effort searching for businesses to help you with your property journey.  

If you can recommend a great company you have used in the past please contact the LocalEyes Team.

*Please note at this stage we are purely providing information for your benefit and are not affiliated with any of the below businesses, if you see "Recommended" in the description it is because LocalEyes have met with or have had positive experiences with that particular local business*

    • Willis Legal

      Willis Legal (Recommended)


      Many people think lawyers are just corporate suits but at Willis we are friendly people just like you. Sure we might be one of the leading Law Firms in Hawke’s Bay but that’s because we are a relationship based firm. We’re real people who talk your language, not some sort of legal gobbledygook. That means you understand what’s going on, however complex your legal situation is.


      Want to save money? Our friendly team work together for you, over all aspects of the law. Keeping everything in-house means we create cost efficiencies that we share with you.

    • Langley Twigg

      Langley Twigg (Recommended)

      Let a conveyancer help you buy property or sell property

      Langley Twigg has extensive experience in property legal services. Our conveyancing law team can help you with the sale, purchase, leasing, development and funding of retail, industrial, office, rural and residential property or with any property conveyancing services you might need. Whether your house is for sale, or you're looking to buy a house, a conveyancer can help, and our property conveyancing fees are some of the most competitive you'll find New Zealand wide.
      Our clients include private individuals, private companies and multinational companies.
      We can assist you with:
      • Property law advice - whether you are looking to buy property or sell property
      • Negotiation and documentation of all conveyancing and leasing transactions
      • Joint venture and development agreements
      • Residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions (including planning)
      • Contentious and non-contentious construction issues
      • Property and development financing
      • Compliance including Overseas Investment Office applications, Resource Management Act, Building Act and Maori Land Law requirements
      • Property-related taxation issues
    • DM Consult

      DM Consult Mortgages & Insurance

      Why dm consult?

      In short, a Mortgage Advisor does the hard work for you when it comes to arranging finance with a lender.

      dm consult will meet with you to identify your finance needs and then give you options that best fit your circumstances.  We will explain the process as we go along, in a way you can understand so you don’t have to decipher confusing bank jargon.   Depending on what sort of lending you require, we are happy to offer debt reduction advice, seek a pre-approval for you so you can figure out what you can afford to buy, or seek out other avenues if you current bank is not being helpful.  If there are products you are eligible for e.g. Kiwisaver Withdrawal/Housing New Zealand Homestart Grant, we will help you with your application for this.

      We pride ourselves on taking the hassle away from you, and because we deal with lenders directly on a daily basis we know can place your loan application according to your requirements, and help you achieve your finance goals.

      The best part of the process is we don’t charge you!

    • HBMI

      Hawke's Bay Mortgage & Insurance

      Purchasing any home can be daunting whether it is your first home or not. We can look to source the best loan for your requirements, this may be with your current bank or not as history is no longer a big factor as it was many years ago. We will form a long term relationship with you. This will save you having to explain your financial background to another person and reduce the impact of staff changes at lenders.


      First Homes

      We understand buying your first home can be both exhilarating and stressful. We aim to take the stress out by guiding you through the borrowing process and the application process for your KiwiSaver First Home Withdrawal and Homestart Grant.

      We will look to obtain a pre-approval for you, so you know where you stand. We will be there with you along the home buying journey and beyond.

    • Reliamove logo

      Reliamove Hawkes Bay - Moving, Packing, Storing (Recommended)

      ReliaMove is more that just furniture removal:

      • No Job to big or too small

      • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      • Best Value in NZ

      • We match our competitor Prices

      • No travel expenses paid when moving within Hawkes Bay
      • WINZ accredited
    • Kennards Self Storage

      Kennards Self Storage Napier (Recommended)

      Kennards have state of the art self storage facilities.

      No matter which storage facility or unit you choose they’ll all have a few things in common: cleanliness, friendliness, security, affordability and complete convenience, because at Kennards we’re people who care.

      Kennards Boxes

      With two locations in Napier and one in Hastings we're sure to have the storage solution for you, call us today.

    • Reliamove logo

      Reliamove Hawkes Bay - Moving, Packing, Storing

      ReliaMove is more that just furniture removal:

      • No Job to big or too small

      • Satisfaction Guaranteed

      • Best Value in NZ

      • We match our competitor Prices

      • No travel expenses paid when moving within Hawkes Bay
      • WINZ accredited
    • Habit Building Inspectors

      Habit Home & Building Inspection Team

      Our property inspectors are your eyes and ears – inspecting the roof, ceiling spaces and sub-floor areas. Our reports will identify any serious structural defects and deferred maintenance issues that may not be apparent when you initially view a property.If something needs remedial attention or further investigation, we aim to provide the knowledge to enable everyone involved to make informed decisions.All inspections are performed in accordance with AS 4349.1 and professionally prepared and delivered electronically through our own in-house software.

      Let HABiT give you peace of mind that your new home or investment property has been money well spent

    • Betta Inspect It

      Betta Inspect It


      Order one of our Building inspections Hawkes Bay reports from an industry leading provider for peace of mind.

      Why Choose A Betta Home Inspection Report?

      There are many reasons to get a Betta home inspection, here are a few…

      • 24hr turnaround
      • Direct access to an inspector
      • NZ’s leading home inspectors
      • Industry leading technology
      • Accepted by and banks and lending institutions
      • Completely independent

      Visit our site for more details.

    • download

      Claire Condon Painter and Decorator (Recommended)

    • Air Control Hawkes Bay

      Air Control Hawke's Bay Ltd (Recommended)

      Welcome to AirControl Hawkes Bay

      AirControl Hawkes Bay Ltd specialises in heat pump and air conditioning unit installation, maintenance and repairs, of all major brands. 

      We've partnered with Toshiba to bring you a reliable product at an affordable price with the new R32 eco friendly range of heat pumps.

      Backed by 15 solid years experience in the industry, trade qualifications and IQP registration for building compliance certification, Air Control Hawkes Bay offers a service second to none.

      Sefton invites you to give him a call for a free, no obligation quote and chat to discuss your needs.

    • harrisons

      Harrisons Carpet One (Napier)

      Call Clive, Owner of Harrisons Carpet One Napier, LocalEyes have had personal experience with Clive.  He will come to your home....

    • Now Broadband


      Quality, not quantity

      We’re a small telco that punches way above it's weight. We put this down to our simple, single-minded focus, delivering our customers the service they deserve.

      In November 2018, we won the award for NZ's Best Customer Support at the TUANZ Broadband Compare Awards. We were also a finalist for Best Fibre Provider. In November 2017, we won the Best Broadband Innovation at the TUANZ Broadband Compare Awards. We were also a finalist for Best Regional ISP & Best Customer Support.

      You might get the feeling we're proud. We are and we hope our customers are too.

      LocalEyes and NOW Broadband have come together to be able to offer you $100.00 credit and more when you sign up.

      Speak to the LocalEyes Business Finance Fairy for details.

    • Hawkes Bay Van & Truck Rentals

      Hawke's Bay Van & Truck Rentals (Hastings)

      HB Van & Truck Rentals - for people on the move!

      You can hire minibusescargo vansfurniture trucks and lugguage & car transport trailers for as little as two hours. Our rental vehicles are immaculate and our hirage rates competitive.
      Shifting house? Need to get the team to a game? School class to transport? Courier van out of action? We’ve got a rental vehicle here for you at Hawkes Bay Van & Truck Rentals!

      HB Van & Truck Rentals is owned and operated by Sonya and Robert Bayly, our rental vehicles travel around New Zealand from our central Hastings depot daily.

      We’re here to make life easy for you and are dedicated to being the vehicle rental business offering the best customer service in Hawke’s Bay.

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