Selling with LocalEyes

It's as easy as...

  1. List-House

    List Your House

    We meet with you so you can tell us what you need help with

  2. Review-Offers

    Review Offers

    Get offers from interested parties. You’re in control.

  3. Sell-Your-House

    Sell Your House

    Choose the offer that’s right for you and sell your home!

Buying with LocalEyes

It's as easy as...

  1. Browse-Listings

    Browse Listings

    Browse through our listings and find the houses you like

  2. Make-an-Offer

    Make an Offer

    Easily make an offer or a tender online from the listing

  3. Buy-Your-Home

    Buy Your Home

    You communicate with the seller for final legal hand-over

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Selling? Need Help?

Advice, Resources, CheckLists and Links to Fantastic Local Businesses (Lawyers, Builders, Tradies....)

Help & FAQs

Buying? Need Help?

Help and Advice, Things to Prepare and Things to Look out for when Purchasing your Plenty of Helpful Resources and Links to Local Businesses. 

Help & FAQs