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Buyer FAQs

  • LocalEyes are an Innovative Property Marketing Company.  LocalEyes aims to provide potential buyers with more information than is normally made available including drone footage, visual panoramic tours and floor plans meaning that you can have a better look from home and have less wasted trips to open homes.  

  • The LocalEyes system allows you to get your answers directly from the source...the homeowner!  As everything is done in writing you can feel comfortable asking questions and negotiating the purchase of your next home through LocalEyes.  All the Legal stuff is still carried out by your lawyer, your checks are still done by your chosen building inspectors.....You'll just be typing a few emails.

  • You are 100% are dealing with the vendor, LocalEyes acts as a go between, just making sure you keep to the rules of being clear and concise with your questions etc.  There may be questions that have already been answered by the vendor that we maybe able to supply to you.

  • We are not Real Estate Agents and due to the pretty strict laws regarding Real Estate work, even if we know the answer we cannot legally pass this information on to you unless this is publically available knowledge.  We are happy to pass on any questions to the vendor and we will try to ensure that we (or the vendor) get back to you ASAP.

  • LocalEyes Open Homes are a little different from the norm in that as much as one of the LocalEyes Team will be present at the open home...they are not there to sell.  We will be there purely on behalf of the vendor to take down your details and to pass on any questions.  You can feel comfortable knowing that you can have a good look round without being "sold to".

  • Purchasing a property is one of the biggest thing that any of us will do in our lives!  Even if this is your 10th property purchase you should always seek legal advice.  Once your offer has been accepted things move over to the lawyers for a nice smooth legal handover.

  • No we are not, LocalEyes are an Innovative Property Marketing Company that market on behalf of the vendor. 

  • With the LocalEyes System, all correspondence is made in writing. As the emails go between a LocalEyes email address, all the written correspondence will be saved in three places (The Sellers Email, LocalEyes Email and the Purchasers Email).  Communicating in writing keeps the transaction honest.

We Recommend (Coming Soon)

We are currently busy sourcing some great local businesses that we are happy to recommend to you when buying or selling your home.

If you can recommend a great company you have used in the past please contact the LocalEyes Team.

Buyer Checklist

Use our helpful list to make sure you check off all the right things when buying your home.

Resources (Coming Soon)

A useful list of downloads, links and handy reading for buyers and sellers.

FinancialEye$ Snippet

As part of Marketing with LocalEyes we can also use our FinancialEyes to see if changing a few of your suppliers can save you even more money!

Save Time/Save $$$

Real Estate Funders

Speak to the LocalEyes Team about Funding the Sale of Your Home.

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