So your house is on the market and you are negotiating with potential buyers, you accept an offer.  Soon you'll be packing and getting ready to move into a new home.  During this time LocalEyes can grab a few of your recent bills (Phone/Broadband/Electricity/Gas/ and put them out to the market to see if LocalEyes can save you even more money.  LocalEyes can even try to get you the best prices for things related to your move, things like Van Rental, Moving Companies, Storage etc etc.


$0.00 *Limited Time*

What's included?

  • A Sit Down or Phone Call with Our BFF (Business & Finance Fairy)
  • Confirm What You Would Like LocalEyes to Look At
  • A Follow-Up Sit Down or Phone Call Once Prices Have been Obtained 


  • Less Work for You, You are Busy Enough
  • We Aim to Work with and Support Local Businesses
  • You Get the Best Deals, Saving you More Money

Selling? Need Help?

Advice, Resources, CheckLists and Links to Fantastic Local Businesses (Lawyers, Builders, Tradies....)

Help & FAQs

Buying? Need Help?

Help and Advice, Things to Prepare and Things to Look out for when Purchasing your Plenty of Helpful Resources and Links to Local Businesses. 

Help & FAQs