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LocalEyes takes care of all your For Sale Signs, Open Home Pointers and Handouts.  LocalEyes branding is classy, modern and above all...LocalEye-Catching.  We have your standard options included in the fixed fee but we also have alternatives for a little extra.  So if you want bigger, you'll get bigger, if you want photo boards then you shall have photo boards...Your Wish is LocalEyes Command.


Free Extras Available

What's included?

  • High Quality Locally Sourced LocalEyes For Sale Sign
  • Open Home Pointer Boards x 2
  • "Your New Home? LocalEyes Geo Sign x 1
  • Professional Handouts for your Open Homes (PDF Available)


  • Designed to Sell your Home, Not our Faces!
  • Clean, Sharp and Eye Catching Directional Open Home Signs
  • Clean Look, Concise, Information Handouts for your Buyers
  • Sourced in Hawke's Bay - Keeping it Local

LocalEyes are conscience of the environment, if we feel that we are able to use signs more than once then we will. We will also only prepare a small amount of handouts and ask attendees if they would prefer it to be emailed to them. Every little helps...

Selling? Need Help?

Advice, Resources, CheckLists and Links to Fantastic Local Businesses (Lawyers, Builders, Tradies....)

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Buying? Need Help?

Help and Advice, Things to Prepare and Things to Look out for when Purchasing your Plenty of Helpful Resources and Links to Local Businesses. 

Help & FAQs