REA Negotiation Add-On

The REA Negotiation Add-On is great for Homeowners who want the professional marketing taken care by LocalEyes with local hands-on support but want all the negotiations dealt with by a licenced REA negotiator with over 30 years of real estate negotiation experience.

LocalEyes involvement is dependant on which package you choose to upgrade, if you upgrade from the Platinum Package you will have very little involvement in the sales process and stand to save thousands of dollars compared to selling your home with other local outfits.



Benefits Include...

  • Negotiator only paid on your home going unconditional (No Sale/No Fee)
  • Home also Listed on and
  • Prompt Follow Up of Open Home Attendees
  • Weekly Progress Updates
  • The Negotiator Deals Directly with Potential Buyers

More Benefits...

  • Sale and Purchae Agreements Completed and Forwarded to your Lawyer
  • Fully Licenced by the REA
  • Peace of Mind
  • LocalEyes Fixed Fee
  • Over 30 Years Experience

No Sale No Fee, only once your home goes unconditional will you be billed (You can choose this add-on at any time).

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