Online Listings

LocalEyes takes care of all your Online Listings! You wont have to do a thing....other than let us in the door...hehe. LocalEyes will measure your home, create your Interactive Floor Plans as well as take High Resolution Panoramic Photos for a Digital Tour of your home. To "Top" it off (Pun Intended), LocalEyes will even provide you with Drone Footage....or as we call it, our LocalEye in the Sky.



Free (All Included)

What's included?

  • Detailed Interactive Floor Plans
  • GoPro Created High Res 360 Panoramic Tours
  • High Res Photography
  • Listing On as well as NZ's Most Popular Real Estate Site - Trademe


  • Potential Buyers can View the Layout of Your Home
  • Potential Buyers/Investors will View All the Great Things about Your Home
  • Better Qualified Open Home Attendees - Less Tyre Kickers.
  • Benefit from the Extra Content on LocalEyes as well as being where everyone checks - Trademe!

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Help and Advice, Things to Prepare and Things to Look out for when Purchasing your Plenty of Helpful Resources and Links to Local Businesses. 

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